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Good morning!

I am feeling significantly better today than yesterday. My back got progressively worse through most of the day. I scheduled an appointment with the chiropractor (though I couldn't arrange a massage until Nov 9, boo!). Then I took it easy until I couldn't stand not doing anything, and went ahead and painted trim and did the dishes. When I got into the shower, it was feeling better. (Jake says this is a sign that when I hurt, I should just slave harder... I think he was teasing.) The chiro then found several puffy, annoyed joints, determined that my hips were all rotated out alignment, and made many awful noises with my skeleton that made me feel even better. Then, I staggered to dance class, where the stretching and drilling finished loosening everything up very nicely indeed.

My inbox is a disaster. *hangs head* I am not sure when 400 messages became normal, but it is not acceptable. I hope to make a dent on that today. I'd like to see it down to 300 at least, by the end of the day.

I would also like to FINISH City of Lights 3 - it's so close, it's ridiculous. I just need a simple scene ending for the first scene and a wrap-up for the end, all already outlined, but it's being SO stubborn to write. I think my problem is that I wanted this to be an AMAZING story, and it's really only an okay story. Maybe I'll get some good feedback from the canon board and character owners to polish it up a little.

Speaking of polish, be sure to check out the changes happening at Fantastic Portfolios! I've handed the reigns of this project to the very capable and talented marrael, and some of the changes she has in mind are already appearing throughout the site. Some of the backend things that are happening will simplify the critique process, and hopefully speed the turnaround on submitted work. We'll be looking for new critics soon, too! Check out the awesome blog.

The abstracts fundraiser made its second goal, so I will be painting (at least) one free prompt for everyone who filled out the form on Tuesday! The next goal is another drawing for a free print among ALL prompters and sponsors - we are $49 from that goal! All proceeds towards keeping EMG-Zine running through the end of 2012!

Some webwork things to do, and some breakfast now. I should have some painting scans for you later today, and hopefully even some new paintings! Let's see how this day goes!
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Tuesdaily - housework and snow and happy Alaska Day!

It actually looks like winter now, but it really doesn't feel like it: it's right at freezing, and the scant few inches of snow that we have are wet and soft - very unlike the snow we usually have.

Because it is Alaska Day, state workers have a holiday, and Jake was home. We got furniture unpacked and moved in the hallway so I can finish painting the floor (I love FINISHING things) and sawed the door out of the nursery. I had forgotten that we still had to do that. The door I had for the studio was great for a studio door, but less useful for a nursery door - split in half the long way, very noisy to open and close. Tomorrow, I will have floor painting to do, and the drywall repairs to start on. The door, and the trim around it, will go up once that has finished. Unfortunately, the bathroom is to the 'large, heavy and unweildy parts' stage, ie: sheets of drywall. The weather (and roads) being as they are, we did not want to go get drywall today. We did load tires into Jake's truck, so that he can get them changed out tomorrow. Er, replaced, actually - the winter tires had very little tread left on them. I've also ordered the remainder of the curtains and hardware needed to deck out the nursery, and some aquarium decals.

Finger is far better today - bends completely again and doesn't hurt when I use it. Still feels a little 'off,' and I've had it wrapped for some of the day, but definitely improved. Still have no idea what I did to it, but I'm very happy it's healed up so fast.

In factory news, we're closing in on a name for guppy (millionfish!), the wiggles and little tickle-y somersaults continue on schedule, the heartburn is minor at worst, and the banana shakes and calcium have kept the calf cramps at bay. (mmm... banana shakes) Appetite is excellent, and weight gain is smack dab in the center of the ideal weight gain chart for my starting weight (and height) for week 22. Balance is improving as I get more used to what the heck is happening to my center of gravity.

Bread shaping now, and some programming things. (In bread news, I'm closing in on a Very Good English muffin recipe. Easy to make the dough, though a little tedious on the cooking, and it's hard to get the center cooked correctly.)
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Art update

I was able to draw for a while yesterday before my finger gave out (did I sprain it drawing? What a horrifying idea..); I had an old sketchbook with me at gaming and worked on these pieces:

This is a town I sketched roughly a loooong time ago, that seemed like a good fit for a town Deirdre worked into a story for the Sea Monster month in May. I decided to clean it up and see about writing a city description for it.

And, with another donation towards this piece, I did some more refining on Skykittens:

You may sponsor more work on this for $5.00. The person who sponsors the most receives the original, worldwide shipping included. (By random draw, if there is a tie) And, Torn World members may also sponsor using credits: 1 credit is 3 minutes. :) (5 credits/dollars is 15 minutes, 10 credits/dollars is 30 minutes, etc.) Current high sponsorship is tied at $5! This piece has received three rounds of sponsorship, two by donation and one because a story is being written about it. The next donation takes it into inking, which is sort of an all-or-nothing step (so it's a great deal even if you go to $10 and ensure you win the original!). I'd like to wrap this sucker up soon, so I'm going to call it done it I don't receive another sponsorship for it this week.

Finger is wrapped up in a dog bandage (a self-clinging sport bandage that is the same as the ones they make for humans, but about half the cost at a vet store and comes in Bright Red) and it works okay, though still complains if I hit a key wrong or try to grab something I shouldn't. I got my freelance programming finished and may tackle the EMG-Zine abstracts fundraiser next, though I haven't entirely given up on tackling another Muse Fusion prompt, either.

First, though, I want to vacuum! (I know how to have fun...)


Did something to my right index finger yesterday and it hurts like crazy today, and I can barely bend it. It's a little swollen, but doesn't otherwise look bad - no idea what I did. Will be brief today, and this has borked my Muse Fusion/writing plans pretty well. I got one story done, at least! A bit of a sparse turnout in whole.

Factory: good.

Plans: programming as can, and making English muffins.

My Scars (LJ Idol)

My visible scars are not interesting ones. There is that symmetrical, three-sided star on the back of my hand from dropping an endmill (freshly sharpened) on myself, and the little blobby bit on my left wrist from molten honey, but none of those are particularly interesting stories. Most of the white lines and circles I couldn't even tell you the story behind, and the fanged smiley face on my pinky finger is just a lesson in wearing gloves when you go to move large metal barrels.

I haven't even got any great mental scars to talk about. I had an idyllic childhood and grew up happily naive and well-protected.

Even the car crash that broke my back didn't leave any scars - not one! I had a bad concussion and a crushed vertebra, but didn't even bleed from any scratches. (Bruises, yes, but those faded.)

I suppose the most notable scars I have are the least noticeable of any of them: they pepper the back of my eyeballs. So, I will use this entry as a public service announcement. If you are highly myopic (near-sighted), have a family history of diabetes or blindness, or see floaters or flashers, get your eyes checked by a professional. And I mean, thoroughly checked, not just a prescription for your glasses. Get your eyes dilated and let them shine that headache-causing light at the back of your eye while you follow the dot around. It is a medical procedure, if you are a high-risk case, and your insurance should cover it even if you don't have vision coverage. Especially do this if you're seeing more flashers or floaters than usual, or if things seem vaguely dimmer than they used to.

It saved my sight.

My freshman year in high school, my retinas started detaching: http://www.webmd.com/eye-health/tc/retinal-detachment-topic-overview

(I'm actually horribly disappointed in that link. Where's the gross picture of an eyeball lying on someone's cheek with a floppy, loose retina, eh?)

It wasn't too bad when it was first looked at, but by the time my non-serious, minor, out-patient surgery rolled around, they had degenerated so far that it ended up being a massive, multi-hour (my memory says 8, my brain says my memory is a weenie and probably doesn't remember correctly...) surgery on BOTH eyes as opposed to the scheduled single surgery, I was literally days from being completely blind and the damage was enormous. I had to stay in the hospital for a week, and wore a patch over the most afflicted eye for several more weeks. My ophthalmologist makes it sound like the back of my eye is more scar than not, now - basically hot-glued into shape with scarring.

My right eye is held together by a plastic band to keep strain from tearing the retina more, and both eyes have intensive laser and freezing scarring that seals up all the tears. The plastic belt is called a schleral buckle, and there are some illustration pop-ups here: http://www.webmd.com/eye-health/scleral-buckling-surgery-for-retinal-detachment#hw187647

I have the full wrap-around kind. If you put your finger firmly right at the edge of my eye and I look all the way to the left, you can feel it sliding around under my skin. I'd call it a party trick, but there are more people I DON'T want touching my eye than the other way around.

I'd say 'show me your scars, I'll show you mine,' but there are a lot of things I don't want to see, and you can't see mine without dilating drops, so we'll just skip that and I'm going to go to bed so I can get up for my meetings tomorrow.


I feel 102 today. Maybe 103.

And I don't even have the advantage of being able to shake my cane at anyone or complain about my hearing aid. :P

Brought my heating/vibrating chair-cover thing, which is very nice. (Though it's too loud and embarrasses me, so I don't actually have the massage option on... the heat is nice.) Stupid back. Some months it's worse than others. I hope it's a good summer for it, or I'm going to be next to useless building my house, which would really piss me off. Actually, truthfully, I'll probably work anyway and *really* regret it in the fall. I'm (foolishly) like that.

*Finally* remembered to send Tarlia the commissions article. Forgot to get the magnets and card for Sonja. My brain is not working correctly right now. Part of the reason I feel 102.
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