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Mondaily (written from the past), looking forward to Kickstarter, new artwork, and new project...

Tomorrow, I launch my Kickstarter. I am planning to hit go at 11 AM (give or take a few panicked moments), and I am fighting the brain weasels like woah. *fends them off with a pitchfork*

I am taking solace in my confidence in other unwinding projects. *rubs hands ala Mr Burns*

And new artwork! This is #Inktober #20 (except that #15 is still unfinished and #19 is only half-done while I wait for character permissions for the other half...):

He was prompted at the last Sketch Fest (and is sold!). He's available at Etsy with a special introductory price: https://www.etsy.com/listing/252585920/merry-christmoose-digi-stamp-digital

Fantastrix is back to the printer for next round of proofs. Dotminatrix cover is still going slowly. I finished - I think?! - my novella, but am going to go over it with a fine-toothed comb, not this week but next. It is silly and fluffy, and will be released under a penname because it is decidedly naughty, as well. If you want to read it, you'll have to ask nicely and I MAY send you a link to it once it's up if I don't die of embarrassment instead.
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Fridaily with art

I have found the perfect brain-weasel-whomping stick: art! And not the art I need to do for a deadline, nor #Inktober, nor Sketch Fest (which is on now!), nor the replacement art for the Dotminatrix cover... nothing I NEEDED to do basically, just art for fun. laylalawlor came over this afternoon with a bag of craft supplies and the three of us (Guppy participated!) painted ornaments. The vague idea was that we'd sell them at the UWA bazaar we're doing the first weekend of November, or at least see if it was something that worked out. It was wildly fun, even if it doesn't end up being lucrative, and exactly what my lizard brain needed to calm the heck down. We made a whole pile of really awesome ornaments, and had a great time, and will be meeting again next week for round two, armed with new tools and experience.

We also go photos for the last bit of the Kickstarter video (which Layla is doing). I've cleaned up a bunch of the graphics for Kickstarter, and it's VERY close to being ready to go. I'm excited about it again, not just terrified.

No photo today, sorry!
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Thursdaily with brain weasels.

Preschool went great today. Guppy reports that there was painting and playing, and she brought home a hand-print spider. Here's a photo from today. I took this photo at 2 in the afternoon, and you can see how low the sun is. Mornings are getting darker and darker!

I am drowning in insecurity today. Brain weasels are working hard to convince me that I am a failure. ("C'mon, adult coloring books are the hottest things since sliced bread, why aren't you famous yet? You must really suck..." they whisper at me. "You haven't sold a book in nearly a whole day, and not one person bought the digistamp you put up yesterday...") I'm terrified my Kickstarter is going to be a total flop. It's more of a risk than my last few, and I'm deeply convinced my last few successes were flukes.

I need a weasel-whomping stick.

I am compensating by doing All The Things. Got nearly 1200 words on my novella at the tea shop this morning. I am also re-coloring the Fairy and Dragon artwork that is on the cover of Dotminatrix. I did paint it in 2000 - and I've improved a little since then. I sat down with the proof page of the linework and some Copics, and I'm quite loving it so far. Off to work further on it!