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Ellen, Dot Addict

Dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot...

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Ellen Million
27 May
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I'm Ellen. I have more projects than common sense and more common sense than is common.

I am a freelance artist, project enabler, and web programmer. Some of the personal abbreviations I use frequently include:

EMG = Ellen Million Graphics = http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com

PA = Portrait Adoption = http://portraitadoption.com

TW = Torn World = http://tornworld.net

The EMG project includes Sketch Fest, a 48 hour creative jam that runs once a month, Portrait Adoption, where you can adopt pre-finished character portraits for your very own, Torn World, a shared world science fantasy adventure setting, coloring books for grown-ups, and much, much more.

I'm very happily married, owned by a black cat named Velcro who has extra toes, and a giant Newfoundland mix. I live in a birch forest in Alaska in a house I built with my husband. Indoor plumbing was a big upgrade for us. We have a daughter, referred to here as Guppy, who likes to steal dishtowels.

I have a degree in mechanical engineering with a minor in art, and I am passionate about improving my art skills. To that end, always feel free to critique any art that I post.

I have no problem with anyone friending me, though it helps my muddled brain to know who you are if I know you from elsewhere. :) If you wish to be on a writing or art WIP filter, please comment on any entry and state explicity that you agree not to share any of what I post and you'd like to see the goodies. I don't post to it often, and it's mostly rough, unfinished work that will hurt your eyes.

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