Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Announcements of note and other administrationy things

Torn World: Supporter accounts are now available! Because I am aware that they are less valuable earlier like this (there is less supporter-only content!), I will be adding some amazingly awesome incentives for early supporters. Several original pieces of Torn World art will go to some lucky supporters who join in our first 6 months, as well as prints, bookmarks and more. Consider it a raffle, but where everyone wins!

We're steaming along very well right now - the site is ready to go, several stories are in review now, and artwork is collecting for our release. Character creation is underway, and we're accepting stories and artwork now. Starting in January, we'll have updates every weekday at the livejournal community!

Current contributors - remember that the deadline for the 'Design a Holiday' contest is the end of this month! It's a tier one prize for this one, and so far, very few submissions!

EMG-Zine: We got only a few submissions for our January issue on the theme of 'time!' If you have a piece with an hourglass, a watch, a clock or something indicating time, please let me know! We're also collecting for the February issue now, the theme is Tigers! Rarr!

Fantastic Portfolios: Have you submitted lately? Got a piece of artwork you'd like clarification or critique on? Questions for the critics? We're going to host a chat on January 17th at noon Alaska time. Save the date! I'll need a few folks to test-drive the chatroom before hand, if there are any volunteers from the audience.

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