Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as Usual

Orders are worked on, but not all of them got out. I am delivering several today, the rest I will finish tonight... along with the dozenish new ones that came in today and yesterday. Argh! Stop ordering already! (Not really...)

Some Torn World administration caught up on, and my inbox still at manageable levels.

Art and Authoring

I sat down and wrote last night, coughing up a 1300 word story that I quite like. Here's a clip:

Don't use the data, she'd been warned by the senior faculty. He's too important to lose - a genius! They wanted her to sweet talk him, to use motherly charms to persuade him to maintain at least a face of respectability until they could rush him through graduation and set him loose on real research. They assumed she had motherly charms, simply because she was a woman.

Home and Health

House still standing. Health still good.


Too many invitations for this weekend - I have to figure out what I can and want to do. I have many projects to work on. Never bored, am I.

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