Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily back!

Business as Usual

My inbox is back down to 140something, which is better than it was before I left. 1000something was too many, so I made cleaning things out a priority this weekend. Along with cleaning and orders.

Orders are out! All except 3 are mailed! Those 3 should go out tomorrow! My poor shiny car groaned under their weight when I drove them in this morning. Okay, maybe it didn't. I did.

I have many plots and plans. Delicious plans.

Art and Authoring

I did get some art time while away, but precious little. I hope to get right back into it, and in pursuit of that, have made some major studio rearrangement...

Home and Health

Studio deconstruction started this weekend. One full shelf unit was emptied and removed. My heatpress has been put in storage. The space remaining is SO much nicer and more open. And the shelf unit that was removed means I can move my filing cabinet to that space, which will transform my studio from narrow aisles squeezed between tall things completely crammed with stuff into an actual, factual ROOM. It meant throwing away (or giving away) much stuff that I have been holding onto without using for years and years and years: Paper types I haven't used in ten years. Pens that may or may not work but aren't archival. Life drawing sketches. More paper I no longer use. Chipped rulers. Dried paint tubes. More paper I don't use. Rag t-shirts that I don't need for cleaning off the heatpress anymore. Paper I paid a freaking fortune for that I just don't use. Shoe insoles that somehow got filed in with art supplies (don't ask!). More damned paper. Boxes I thought I'd re-use for shipping and never did. More paper... It's crazy. I would offer to mail it to someone, but it's almost all large format and freaking heavy. It probably wouldn't be worth mailing from Alaska.

I still have several more shelves to go through, and then I'll be setting up an easel and doing some painting. I will also be ordering some new art supplies once I've determined where my gaps are and what has sadly expired. I was gosh darned serious about doing my own artwork again, by gum.

In other news - if you are a pedestrian on a busy, shoulder-less street before sunrise wearing ALL BLACK, for gods sake, walk opposing traffic! And wear something reflective! A dark-dressed pedestrian scared the spit out of me as I was driving in this morning - I didn't see them until I was nearly on top of them. They were followed almost immediately by two moose, also wearing no reflective markings! Come on, you moose! Dress for visibility!


Oh, hmm. I sort of covered this category above. More specifically, I'm at work now, and may have to babysit tonight (I am a bad, bad aunt and do not want to at all - largely due to the alternatives, which include gourmet salmon dinner...), should work out, and have much, MUCH to do with many projects.

Also, I seem to have agreed to dance a bellydancing routine with Liz and Jennie. I am not sure how this happened, but I'm positive it had something to do with that bottle of wine...


Lots of people are posting this, although I'm not sure how many noticed it originally said resolutions for 2009... I edited mine and am sharing it because I felt it was particularly guffaw-worthy and pointed. Bad grammar aside.

In 2010, ellenmillion resolves to...
Take evening classes in snow.
Connect with my inner alaska.
Ask my boss for an art.
Get back in contact with some old fairies.
Cut down on my printing.
Overcome my secret fear of unicorns.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

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