Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily - last for a while!

Business as Usual

Fixed a wholesale glitch in the group projects at EMG, and an ordering problem on Gina's Goddesses of the World coloring book!

Art and Authoring

No progress, but soooo many ideas. Brain, you are evil and torture me.

Home and Health

All packed up to leave godawfulearly tomorrow morning. The house desperately needs a good cleaning.

Had lunch with Catie and Ted yesterday, and in our traditional fashion, I picked a place that was closed. We ate at Gambordella's instead, and it was delicious and much talking was had on publishing, the glamorous (ha!) life of a writer, Irish politics and construction.


I think I can finish the orders on my desk (and barters!) in about an hour, so that needs to be done. And cleaning, oh god, must clean. Then a few last packing things - my MP3 player, my phone charger, etc.

I'll be able to post minimally from my phone, but am not taking my laptop with me! I'll see you guys the second week of December! *blows kisses*

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