Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily, brrr!

Business as Usual

Holy mother of sky! I am busy like a very, very busy thing. I owe a lot of people emails and I'm sorry for the delay - I will try to get everything answered today, but I'm also expecting a major drafing project on my desk any minute that MUST go out today and could be bloody, and I have to leave early, which is peeving my boss, but I have an appointment this afternoon, and my evening is looking booked.

If there's anything critical that you're waiting on me for, please feel free to ping again.

Art and Authoring

Who has time??

Home and Health

It is COLD! 22 below here at work, and supposed to drop another 10 degrees today. Brrr. I love living at a higher elevation - there's a 20 degree difference between my house and the airport - we're only 10 below and they are 29 below. Pblt!


The usual. Miracles of organization and last-minute completion of ridiculous goals. It's what I do.

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