Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

List for November review...

~Finish City of Lights (3 parts) - part 1 is done
~Finish covers for CoL (3, black and white ink) - first 2 are sketched
~One complete character commission (booked) - first sketch done, revision requests received
~Finish logo commission
~Sketch for mural
~Finish Mere's paperdolls - DONE
~Finish EMG-Zine anthology
~Finish steampunk coloring book

... and leaving in 6 days.


ETA: Must be done tomorrow:

Scan Roses piece (handing over the original Saturday!)
Flight package for Sister (must be delivered by tomorrow afternoon)
Work Project
Call Mother (reserve hotel??)
Meet at 3PM for mattress exchange. Set up new mattress.

Must be done Saturday:

Lunch with C.
Event 2?

Must be done Sunday:

Mail all orders! Update mailing list!

Must be done before I leave:

Set away things
Finish all orders
Get EMG-Zine stuff up
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