Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as Usual

I finally, finally, FINALLY finished Mere's paperdolls book and uploaded it for the printer. ABOUT BLOODY TIME. I'm sorry it took so long, Mere!

I'm a little panicked to realize that it's halfway through December. The things I had lined up for January seemed so distantly far off and now they're almost HERE and I'm not ready!

Torn World, in particular, is freaking me out a little - the site is ready to go and seems to be working smoothly, but there are still various holes and I realized a problem with the established timeline and have to fix it and I have so many stories that need polished and I hate that one that I already published but now I have to work around it and maybe it needs rewritten but I don't really have time and I'm not sure how we're going to start releasing stories because Idon'tknowanythingandI'mjustpretendingthatIdoandit'sallgoingtobeadisasterbecauseI'mnotreadyandit'salmostJanuary.


I also want to get further into the coding for commission-control.com so I can get that beta-testing in January. Would people scream if I pushed that back to February? Probably not, but I'd feel guilty.

I'm also gnashing teeth over the steampunk coloring book - we have 12 awesome pieces, but is that enough? I would LOVE to have just a handful more.

Art and Authoring

Mostly, I'm timelining at Torn World to fix the problems I found, and start adding some important backhistory notes so that other people can do some storybuilding, too. I have other things I need to do.

Home and Health

I forgot exactly how much I loved having a fire going. It's been so wonderful and peaceful and warm the last few evenings in our house - a cheerful, crackling, alive presence in the room with us. The cat adores it. It's worth the hassle of chopping wood. (Which is, btw, very easy at 20 below)

I'm having a blast with my bartering offers, btw, and it's not too late to chime in if you want something. I still have many to answer! http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/989984.html


Tonight I want to finish the TW timeline changes and finalize a schedule of events. Not the story releases, necessarily, but the major events, at least. I also want to get rolling on the 3rd EMG-Zine anthology.
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