Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


It's a tough holiday season for a lot of people, and I'm in a unique position of wanting to Get Rid of Stuff in a serious way. Much of it would make really awesome gifts. Maybe we can make a deal...?

Things I have to Offer

Everything left on this clearance page.

Prints of my art. Pretty much all of my art that isn't a limited edition is fair game. Originals are up for grabs, too!

Calendars! Old ones make great art projects, and I've got plenty of 2010 calendars left that I will also barter for.

Oracle decks and copies of the EMG-Zine anthologies. Fabulous gifts for fantasy art lovers and creators.

Teas - particularly the few remaining first batch misprints.

Stationery. Some people still write letters. Are any of them on your Christmas shopping list?

Coloring books. For grownups and coordinated kids who like fantasy.

What I'm Looking For

Art! I have a soft spot for originals, and most valuable to me would be portraits of my own characters/worlds. I'd love to talk about a commission or two. Prints and other goodies are also up for discussion.

Gifts. I have tough-to-shop-for people on my list. Geeky, funny, GUY gifts are particularly hard to find, but I have female friends and relations who may also like jewelry and other shinies. I also have two nephews (8-10ish), so toys would be awesome. Lots of cat-owners on my list... Maybe you make something that would be perfect?

Networking. My experiments with paid advertising this year have been head-shakingly un-fruitful. Word of mouth is still the most successful method I've explored, and I want to grow that some more. If you blog or tweet or facebook, and 10 or more people follow your links to my page in the next week, OR if you send them to this post and we 'close a deal,' I'll send you a few bookmarks and stickers - even if we don't barter for anything else! Link to any of the above pages or to http://ellenmilliongraphics.com/fantasyart/ Email or comment to let me know where you've posted and what your address is. (Limited to stock on hand!)

Music. My new car plays CDs! Woot! I like a wide range of music and own nothing current. Mixes are awesome. MP3s are fine! Used is fine!

DVDs. I would love to own seasons of Avatar, BSG (new), Leverage... um... lots of things. My husband likes war documentaries and we both like really, really good nature/ancient history documentaries. I am not only fine with used DVDs, I love the idea. If you're looking at your shelf and have things you don't watch, feel free to list 'em in the comments and I'll see what I don't have and desire.

Other things I haven't thought of. Awesome icons or airplane tickets to tropical climates or costuming things? I need a good belly-dance skirt. I like fun socks. I'm wide open to ideas!

I will screen comments - feel free to make any proposal you like! I will barter in the truest sense of the word, and may counter-offer (which you are welcome to do back, of course!!).

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