Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Liverjournal's autosave offered me: "One of the pie".

I have NO idea where I was going with that, or when I wrote it.

Business as usual.

Packages stacked by the door to go out. Horrah.

So behind on emails it's almost funny.

Torn World contest results are up!

Art and Authoring

Because of the previously mentioned news, I can post my entry:

I won in the art category! I'll admit to being inspired by coppervale's amazing inking. My technique is nowhere near as refined as his, but I did push myself further than I may have otherwise.

Home and Health

Saturday was snow removal day - we spent a few hours outside moving snow around and clearing the driveway and turnaround. My arms still hurt.

After that was done, we put up tongue and groove siding in the stairwell until we ran out - it's about half done! Nice to have some house progress. I took before and after photos, which I'll show once we have genuine 'after' photos.


Work. Bleh. And then workout. And then... more orders. And the usual list of Things That Must Be Done. I have a post to post later about writing things.


http://stonetalker.livejournal.com/26057.html - stonetalker is doing a one-card draw until midnight EST.

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