Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as Usual

Got all those packages posted, horrah! Still some more on my desk to pack up, but I'm mostly ahead of the game.

Some Torn World work tackled, including a lot of work on the world map.

Art and Authoring

A start of the vectoring for the Torn World map. It will be super spiff, with several layers for towns, terrain, elevation, time bubbles, tectonics, natural resources, etc, and ultra-scalable. Woot.

I also got a smidge of writing in.

Home and Health

Dear Fairbanks Drivers:

Do not tailgate me. I am going over the speedlimit, and you are riding my bumper. Not only will I not go faster, if flashing my brakelights at you does not work, I will slow down until I feel safe at the distance you are from my backend. Oh? Are you even closer? I guess I will go EVEN slower.

Bite me.

Love, Ellen


Map work. Writing. Art. Who knows! I did not work out last night. (I got laaaazzzzy)

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