Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as Usual

There's a pile of orders in my car to be posted today. Four more are in parts on my desk, and 3 more still need to be started.

Art and Authoring

Did no artwork this weekend. No writing. Nada. Itching to get back to it.

Home and Health

Second weekend at the hotsprings - and it was also just lovely.

We came back... and bought a new bed. A larger bed. A Tempurpedic bed. It wasn't exactly spur-of-the-moment - we've been talking about it almost since we bought the last one. The last bed was nice... but it wasn't a Tempurpedic.

The new one is FABULOUS. Both of us being tall people with long limbs, the Queen was sometimes crowded. Not so, with the King. And it's so... squishy. I've slept comfortably both nights. I had screaming back pain yesterday, but I am certain that's more to do with wrestling the new bed up the stairs and the old bed down them than sleeping in the former. It was a helluva lot of work. I dropped one of the foundations on the tip of my finger, and swore copiously and uncreatively (You'd think I could come up with some good cussing, but I was more concerned with MY FINGER IS GOING TO FALL OFF than how to best express it). I iced it immediately, verified that it wasn't broken, and then ignored it. It promptly went completely numb and I still have no feeling in the tip, 3 days later. I can function fine without it, and I'm keeping an eye out to see that it doesn't turn black or fall off.

Had a lovely time at the Voodoo Moon belly(and other)dance show - I was prop monkey and they applauded for me. I also got congratulations after the show - all very silly and in good fun. I swear I knew half the audience and 90% of the performers. I keep thinking of myself as not social.


Workout tonight. Gingerly.

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