Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as Usual

Sent out a bunch of messages to my various mailing list.

I find it ironic that I tried some Facebook advertising to the tune of $64 - and get one $17 sale that I haven't received a money order for yet. On the other hand, a few free emails, and I've made way, WAY more than the entire Facebook campaign netted me. Not recommending Facebook advertising.

Email is throwing an odd error message at me. Hmm...

Art and Authoring

I noodled around last night, but didn't make any real progress. I've decided to switch up my art goals a bit - rather than finishing ALL three CoL covers, I want to finish just one - and one steampunk piece for the coloring book.

Home and Health

Keep hauling myself around by my bootstraps. Still loving my car and my various pretty house colors.


Pack up for an overnight to the hotsprings tomorrow. Hope the husband makes it home - they're expecting a winter storm!

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