Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Woo! Crossed a bunch of things off of my webpage list. Feels good to get this worked on.

Also re-worked that Ressa portrait I'd done with the cool arty stained glass stuff in the background last night. I like it muuuuch better now. It has depth. (I posted new art in snowunicorn, btw.)

MUST finish that T-shirt design. Tonight. And then email it to Raven Screens for tomorrow. Dunno if they can get their T-shirts finished in time now, but I'm working for free, so I'm not going to cry buckets over it. They completely screwed me over last year, and they know that, so I'm not feeling terribly obligated over the matter. I told them I 'would if I could.'

I should write an article for Woodworks on How (Not) To Get Free Art.
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