Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as Usual

The new print services backend works flawlessly. The beta tester was able to place their order in no time, and it was all very neat and tidy.

Art and Authoring

I'm working (slowly) on a cover for City of Lights. I'm liking it, so far. It's helping me enormously with the character of the writing. No scans. Didn't turn on my computer at all last night or this morning before work.

Home and health

Pain levels in my back are at spikes not seen in years now. Day two of a migraine. Surprisingly functional for all of that. Getting a lot done at work. Perhaps because concentrating on something means not dreading the next white hot spike of pain that my back will insist on shooting out when I shift in my seat.


Survive the day. I had planned a workout and hockey tonight. Not a great plan for a migraine and back pain day, but I may grit my teeth and do them anyway. Or, I may sit in the steambath for an hour instead of working out. Possibly, I will take the afternoon off, sit in the steambath, and then get a chiro adjustment.

ETA: No chiro appointments available. Rats.

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