Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as Usual

My standard coping method for depression is to Get Crap Done.

So, I tackled that massive change to the PA site with managing certificates. And completely finished it, at least the public and artist end. Who's your daddy? I still have to make sure a certificate goes back if an adoption claim expires without being paid for, but that's pretty minor, rarely happens, and can be dealt with directly in the database at the worst case.

I made a few other minor tweaks, while I was at it, and the whole thing is a lot more artist-friendly now.

Still pages shy of a Steampunk coloring book! Spread the word, please!!

Art and Authoring

I finished the Piece of Doom I was working on, sent it in where it needed to go, and... haven't started anything new. If I do, I suspect it will have no dots. And will have people - I've been doing very landscapey things lately, and I miss doing hair.

Home and Health

Fighting off migraine. Come ooooon painkillers, you can kick in anytime now.


Get through the workday. Forgot my workout clothing at home. :( Maybe I'll go for a walk in the snowy woods with my furry dog.

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