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Is it Tuesday? Really?

Business as usual

I continue to tweak various webpage thingies. Minor stuff, but it should add up to a generally better EMG experience.

Art and Authoring

Thwarted by my attempt to get anything done yesterday, I spent a dogged 20 minutes on a piece while I ate breakfast this morning. This is a really ambitious piece for me - very, very detailed and way out of my comfort zone. But fun! Exciting! Feels great! Need more time to work on it!!

Home and Health

What do you know, it's actually WINTER. It's snowed about 6 inches since yesterday morning. About time, I say, and I rediscovered one of my favorite things about snow this morning: footprints. Fox prints, vole prints, bird prints. Allllll over the place. :)

Also, a PSA to the lovely Fairbanks inhabitants. You do NOT need to leave your trucks running at 25 ABOVE while you run into the grocery store. What are you people thinking?! I'm disgusted.


I need some de-stressing. I cannot explain to you exactly how and why I am as stressed out as I am (mostly because, hello, public blog is public...), but I am hanging on by my teeth right now. The skin of my teeth, even. Barely, barely, barely.


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Nov. 6th, 2009 09:05 pm (UTC)
I was a little busy on the 27th, so not able to comment 'til today. BUT...

I have faith that the skin of your teeth is plenty strong enough.
Wish I could do more to lift the stress. I know you already have tea and a big fuzzy dog...
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