Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as Usual

I am caught up on orders! All of them! Every single one that I had is made, packed and shipped.

My studio is somewhat more organized again, and all the little paper shreddings I use for packing swept up. It's a pleasant place to work again.

I made some serious upgrades to the Portrait Adoption system, most notably in the submitted descriptions.

The Steampunk coloring book needs your work! We've got 6 awesome pages, but that's not enough to put out a whole coloring book!

Art and Authoring

Torn World has already proven successful in every way that it needs to be for me: it inspires people. *satisfied.*

I worked on some writing and some artwork over the weekend, but can show none of it off, sorry. Also secured a commission (and possibly 3 others), which seems like a great deal of fun. I've been reluctant to open up commissions in general, but this subject sounded good, and the client is one I've done art for before and is easy to work with.

Home and Health

IT'S SNOWING! About %^* time.

Also, my ugly truffles continue to get rave reviews. Too rich to eat more than one, but OMG, good.

We cleaned downstairs this weekend, and I finished the laborious, horrible hand-painting of the border between the ORANGE wall and the white ceiling and walls. It looks HOT. Seriously good. Amazing. Will take photos.


A stop at the store, and either a quiet evening with a movie, or possibly an evening to work on Mere's paperdolls. I have some art to finish before the end of the month, and an article for EMG-Zine would be super spiff.

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