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Business as Usual

I got everything invoiced last night, and wrapped soap. Elder Clean is sold out! I'm also out of flat rate envelopes and will need to pick up more tonight at the post office.

Art and Authoring

Got a few lines written on 'City of Lights' last night, and some scribbles on the Moon Lover piece:

Home and health

These are cookie dough truffles.

I got the recipe - of all places - at the health club. I was on the elliptical, listening to my MP3 player and idly watching food TV with the captions on. She was making these, and I committed the recipe to memory on the spot.

1/3 + 1/4 cup packed brown sugar
1 stick soft butter
1 t vanilla
1 can sweetened condensed milk
2 cups flour
mini chocolate chips
crushed/finely chopped nuts
not-mini chocolate chips (coating)

I used an upright mixer, she was using hand-mixers. Blend the first two together until creamy and add the rest of the ingredients somewhat slowly, mix until smooth. With floured hands, roll into balls and chill on a cookie sheet in the fridge. I thought I'd be making a dozen, maybe two dozen, but I ended up with more than 50 1 - 1 1/2 inch tasty truffles. You might want to make a half batch. Or not.

She melted her coating on the stove using a double-boiler - this is probably the better way melt chocolate, but I used the Internet to find the secret to microwave melting. Some tips - make sure you use perfectly dry containers and spoons: water and chocolate do not play well together. Stop the microwave and stir frequently - chocolate chips hold their shape after melting and you won't know they are actually melted until you stir them! Use a container that won't heat up too much in the microwave - I used a pyrex 4-cup measure with a handle and it worked great. Don't overheat. Don't melt a whole bar - cut into small pieces or use chips.

The coating step was MESSY. I got chocolate all over the microwave door from my fingers. Just grab a chilled ball, dip it all over in chocolate, and put it back on the cookie sheet. If it starts to thicken (which probably wouldn't happen with the double-boiler), nuke the chips again for a short period. I ended up using about 3/4 of a big bag of chips to coat all of my truffles - some of them have chocolate on the bottom, some don't - I wasn't sure what the REAL method of coating was.

Chill and enjoy!


Hoping to get off work early today, go to the bank and post office, fill orders and work on the endless anthology and paperdolls book.
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