Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as usual

Two big bags of orders in my car to mail today. My studio needs remedial cleaning.

Art and Authoring

I got the artiest, most wonderful weekend. I finished 'Go Around' (but will not be posting it until the calendar is ready for download), I finished 'Green Fairy,' I started a logo commission (draft already enthusiastically approved), I doodled a new piece I'm going to try to finish this week, and I worked on an entry for the latest Torn World contest that I am fantastically, deeply thrilled with.

Have a green fairy:

I (insanely) think I might do a series of these. An angry red fairy, a cowardly yellow fairy, a sad blue fairy... what other colors can I convey without color?

Home and health

I built stairs to the house this weekend and fixed our weather station. This is less impressive than it sounds, since by 'built' I mean I took the old stairs, leveled some pads on the ground, and leaned them onto our new porch, and by 'fixed,' I mean I put new batteries in both units and pushed buttons until they worked again.

I also did a bunch of laundry, scooped the catbox, and cleaned our living room, kitchen and bathroom, which was actually more work, but far, far less satisfying.


Everything's amazing and nobody's happy I don't usually link to videos, but this is a worthy exception. It's one of those super funny clips that's just a little too true. 'Ungrateful, non-contributing zero' is my new insult of choice.

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