Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

To Do Stuff

~Resolve linkback issue from CCNow. Consider linking to artist page; that's easy and fast, at least. Product page might be better. Stupid CCNow has *frames* for the stupid shopping cart now. YUCK.

~Figure out why comment status is showing and how to turn it off. Oh, wait, save that 'til I've done the bestsellers thingy and leave it on. Must figure out how to turn commentsform back on. Drat. But I think I know where to start.

~Shorten the Sci Fi/ Urban Fantasy category listing... it makes the sidebar wonky.

~Build Product Pages. Piece-a cake. Can't do this until I've entered all the entries and done searches. Oo... can't do this until I'm in the final directory, either, or all my picture links'll go the wrong place.

~Build Artist Pages, and figure out why it's showing up with dates in the logentrylist. I'm pretty sure I know where to fix this. Building the artist pages themselves will be easy.

~Copy Entries from old database to new, weeding out the 'product also available as' and adding the other product info as needed. Will still need to set up 'part of collections' links in some cases. Must add new keywords, too.

~Upload greymatter icon.

*yawn* Tired already.

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