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Business as Usual

Nothing really to report here. I worked a little on the EMG-Zine anthology, and painted some more, watched 4 episodes of Avatar, and thought about writing my article.

Some deadlines of note:

EMG-Zine. Our theme is Moon. The deadline is tomorrow. Seeking: short fiction, poetry and artwork. We're always looking for walkthroughs and tutorials, too, as well as nonfiction! (These don't need to be themed)

Torn World. Our fauna contest ends tonight!

Steampunk coloring book. I've extended the deadline to the end of October because I STILL only have two entries. This could kick serious ass, my darling artists; please take some time and sit down and work on some pieces to include. Steampunk is big NOW, not some mysterious time in the future, and we're already running into possibly not enough to print before Christmas. Hop to, artist-people. Let's make this happen!

Art and Authoring

I got an extension. Too much left to do to get it in tonight. (I am continuing to update this post if you want to see all the steps together.

Home and Health

Media disgusts me. I was listening to the radio. Okay, news about Iraq, that's okay. Some local news, sure. A report on... Dancing with the Stars? WTF? A serious discussion about an episode of reality TV is NEWS? It wasn't even, you know, Celebrity X fell down and broke their neck in front of a live audience! No, it was just who did well and who sucked. I changed the channel.

(Siding still not finished)


MUST WRITE ARTICLE. Workout tonight, an episode of Avatar, and finish EMG-Zine for release tomorrow.

Kind words about EMG-Zine and how much you appreciate the work that goes into it would not be remiss about now, and would greatly spur my efforts. I'd also like to have that to share with the other hard working staff that makes the zine happen Every Single Month, because they really deserve a lot of encouragement and love. Did you realize we'll be at 46 issues in October? 46 issues, without a single break or excuse. There was one late issue - because I was without power the night before and it went up one day late (this was back when I was hand-coding each issue). Take a trip with our search page - you'll be amazed at some of the treasures in our back-issues. I know that people aren't using this resource because Project Wonderful automatically yanked down my ad boxes because no one was viewing them... and that seems like a huge shame to me. In case of confusion - our back issues are completely free, with no registration required. You just have to click a link through a page with (now disabled) ads to view the full article content. (And yes, the fact that no one is using them frustrates me beyond belief.)

Did I mention that kind words would be timely? I'm trying to write an upbeat article and having problems on that front. Cute dog photos get more support than the stuff I put real honest effort into.

I will not be bitter. I will not be bitter. I will not be &^*#@! bitter.

(I think I need chocolate)


In case you needed something more positive than my morning ranting: a Things That Are True (and the Secret of Drawing) from coppervale.

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