Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Webstuff and Thoughts

I am on a roll webpage wise!! I think I've solved most of those little niggling problems that I was facing, and now I think I've just got to jump through all those damned hoops again, reload the greymatter stuff, and then start copying entries over. This is going to be niiiice. Jennie, you are wonderful, and I love what you set up for me!! I never would have set this up this way without you, and it's going to save me soooo much hassle.

I've decided that I'm... hmm... just stubborn.

I will not accept that humans are not capable of more than they do. I will not accept that I cannot improve the world and change things. I will not accept that I am not in control of my own destiny.

I will not accept these things despite history and all of my own experiences, and the understanding of my own sad human frailties.

I must be either ox-headed stubborn, or damn stupid.

Being the conceited thing I am, I chose stubborn.

It must make me a demanding friend. I try not to impose my ideals on others, but if I think I can improve something, make someone happier, or if I think it's the right thing to do, I'll tell them when they're wrong. I'll always try to say it nicely, but are intentions enough? Am I wrongly convinced I'm on some kind of moral high ground?

Eh, too much to do. Have run into hiccup on webpage. Rargh!

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