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Public Service Announcement

I got hit by this livejournal exploit. I edited it out of my last entry (not counting the twitter post) as soon as I got up this morning - you might want to do the same, if you got hit. It also explains some major changes in media embedding.

Business as Usual

I thought of some progress I was going to announce today in my blog. It was grand. I can't remember it now.

Art and Authoring

So, this is a concept sketch for a calendar plate for River Twine. It's due at the end of the month (eek) and I randomly received the month of March and have to include three particular characters. Things I'm working on here: strong sense of depth, lighting and color (known weak areas in my art). You can't see those last two elements yet, of course. The concept I'm going for is an unexpected early spring thaw - Blacksnake (the foreground character) will have to go around the long way to safely cross this river.

I also worked on the slums picture from two days ago, but the progress is fiddly and minuscule enough not to be worth scanning.

Home and Health

House still not sided. Jake and I are taking bets that they don't finish it until spring. He's half convinced we're going to get 98% of a siding job for 1/2 price because they forget about us. (We paid half up front, with half due on completion.)

It snowed yesterday! Big, fat, wet flakes that mostly melted on the ground. Then it rained. Then it sleeted, then it snowed some more. There was an icy white glaze on things when we got up this morning. Winter... is trying to be here.


I have to deal with warranties this afternoon - I get of of work at noon today. Our subwoofer, DVD player and my Roomba have all pooped out, so I will probably be spending most of the afternoon on the phone. Whee.


Are women role models missing in speculative fiction? http://mizkit.livejournal.com/503409.html (Catie links to several other bits of the discussion in her post.)

My take on the topic is that I never noticed they were missing, either. In fact, I remember being surprised to find that one of the books I picked up recently was from the POV of a male. (It was one of those first person books and I jumped in with the wrong assumption, so it was a shock a few pages in.) I'm actually hard-pressed to think of any that don't have strong female characters.

This sort of carries over into many discussions I've had with people about gender discrimination. As a woman who excelled in engineering and worked in a machine shop, you'd think I'd be in the thick of it, but I've never really experienced gender discrimination*. I'm not sure if it's a factor of where I live (Alaska, where men are men and women win the Iditarod), a peculiar personal blindness to the topic, or just a bizarre set of circumstances that has always shown me strong, capable women doing well at whatever they set their minds to.

*Okay, there were a few times that people would come into the machine shop where I worked and ask for someone in charge. When I was it, they would look a little surprised, maybe even a little abashed, then I'd do their job for them, and they'd leave happily. But that wasn't ever so much 'you're a girl, you can't do this,' just 'you're a girl! Good for you!'

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