Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business As Usual

Worked on orders some, and got my paperwork pile finished - 8 new artists set up at the various pages.

Still behind on email and orders. Coding as I'm able. Trying to keep up with everything.

Art and Authoring

It is sad how much I want to stop working today and write.

It is sadder than I cannot. :(

Home and Health

Still an unfinished triangle of siding. *taps fingers*

Something of a relapse on my cold today - very snuffly and tired.


Orders tonight.


ThinkGeek is an awesome site in general, but it is this that I most covet. I've coveted it for more than a year now, but just cannot justify $45 (after shipping) for something I could pay $5 for. Even if it IS that awesome.
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