Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as Usual

I have been a newsletter updating fool today - EMG-Zine, EMG-Zine contributors, Art Shop Artists, PA Artists.

I added some boards to the forum at Torn World for the canon board and have made some decisions regarding coding there. (Putting some blocks in place to prevent abuse of the credits system)

I may be doing a Portrait Adoption site overhaul. Nothing that would show up on the surface, particularly, but a completely, radically different way of dealing with certificates. It would simplify things greatly in the long run, but the work involved is a little scary.

I have also added a more prominent link to ordering a character card when you adopt a portrait. Alas, you don't see it unless you are logged in and adopting a character - I need to incorporate a page on the site that shows it as the awesome perk it is. I think too many people have been missing it, and it's a sweet thing.

Two orders are out, which is two orders better than it could have been and way too many orders less than it should have been. Working out last night about flattened me.

Art and Authoring

I have scanned nothing. *hangs head*

Home and Health

I left my delicious, yummy roast beef, cheese and lettuce sandwich at home on the counter. I am not willing to let it go to waste, so that means a whole trip home, which I am very miffed at myself over.

I also have a yay whee woop-do-woo annual exam today.

Link of the Day

A new feature to our daily blog, a link to something spiffy. I figure I can dig up one link per day.

Today's link is a teaser for the Firefly fanfilm, Browncoats: Redemption. I am full of glee about this film and cannot wait to see it!


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