Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily thing

Business as Usual

I have not gotten orders out, but I did get invoicing done, and Jake got a bug up his butt to clean out the bedroom, which meant moving a dresser... which meant emptying the connex box... which meant inventory of all the t-shirts and aprons, etc that I'm getting rid of. So, inventory is unexpectedly done (I have less left than I thought!) and my car is loaded up with 4 giant boxes of things to take to Kev's.

I also got the artist pages at the Fantasy Art Shop updated so they show Etsy and Zazzle flash-boxes, because I have pathetically little left in terms of my own products to offer interested shoppers. I need to send out an alert to my artists to let them know about this, still, so at the moment, there aren't a lot to see. I will work on adding some other services, too - Cafepress, at least, and maybe some others. Etsy was my primary goal, because that's more directly from the artists.

I got a summary done for Torn World - I want to get some of the old discussions all summed up for inclusion into the wiki, and would like to tackle one a day at least until I'm caught up. Today it was Papercraft.

Art and Authoring

A totally unexpected Torn World story outline descended on me last night, neatly tying up a few dangling plotlines and offering explanations where I had previously had very sketchy 'something happens here' notes in the timeline. Little prose was written, but I did get a complete outline, and it will greatly help in my goal to whip Jerumal into a sympathetic character.

I also did art this weekend! (I did nothing, nada in terms of art while I was away. I brought my sketchbook, but read three trashy vampire novels instead of doing anything requiring thought.)

For now, this is a piece I did for a group project. My first goal here was 'get it done,' because I'd already held up this project. My second goal was to work more digitally, which I do too rarely. My third goal was... to have some fun, which I did! The background for the final project (which I'll link to once it's up) was dark, so the uneven inking wasn't so obvious until I removed it to its own layer...

(Honey, my EQ character.)

Home and Health

Our house siding should be finished in the next few days! (They ran out of our vinyl with just a triangle left to finish in the back...)

I am still snorting and snuffling, but the coughs are much diminished and they feel like they're dredging the bottom of my lungs.

Best Laid Plans

Orders are priority! I'm meeting Jake at the club after work to wheeze on the eliptical and get whooped at Basketball. Two weeks off means I'm dreadfully out of shape.

Dinner is fajitas, and then some time working on orders. I'm still feeling jetlagged - I'm dying for bed at about 8 PM. It's alright for mornings, though - 6:45 doesn't feel that early.

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