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Okay, so after I fixed the two broken shelves in my studio, swept, took two huge bags of trash out, and found the surface of my desk again, I decided it was time to re-evaluate my progress on the projects I'm juggling right now:


Mere's Paper Dolls book - just needs an instructions page and compilation. Really close! Why haven't I finished yet?!
Remove magnets, mini-totes and totes from the webpage
Orders - Hmm. Have several to get out once I pick up ink for the laser.
Steampunk coloring book - totally lost track of this one! I have extended the deadline and am going to start actively recruiting work for it, as I have only 2 entries and one of them is mine.
Webcoding - need to restructure the pages to link offsite to products.

Torn World

Contest results, general forum management and catchup. (Have already deleted 11 pages of spam-joins...)
Would like to get another story written this month!
Have ideas for streamlining wiki-summaries.
Need to do the karma and credits coding.

Portrait Adoption

Need to pay for some adoptions that occurred while I was away!
And maybe do some of my own? *hopeful!*
There are also a few bugs I need to tackle... and we're really, REALLY close to the avatar adoption.


News for October, hopefully before midnight on the last day of the month, so I can feature a staff member and update *thoughtfully.*
I'd love to actually write more for this, too.
The anthology is being proofed and is ready for final layout! It will blow even the last one out of the water!

Print Services

Like the gift shop, this is undergoing some seismic buckling, and I need to update the page and explain the new client-based method I'm applying to this facet of things.

Fantastic Portfolios

Needs some general attention... look out, I have IDEAS.

And I need to send out newsletter updates about EVERYTHING.

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