Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I am packed.

I have lists and forms and tickets, all printed and clipped to a board in my backback (which also contains my purse, my sketchbook, hostess gifts, and fuzzy, bright green ears).

I am exhausted and excited and scared.

If I meet you at Dragon*Con and stare blankly, even though we know each other well on the Internet, please have patience with my tired, jet-lagged brain and know that it is not a reflection of my fondness of you, only of my inability to put faces with names with usernames. I am SO excited to meet you guys.

And scared.*

And exhausted.

Sleep now. The computer gets shut off for the next ten days. I'll have my e-phone and some connectivity, but really limited access to my files.

Be well.

*I'm not as cool as I sound in my blog.
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