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Stuff and maybe a little nonsense

What is with contests that require you to *pay* for them? I will never, ever hold contests with entrance fees. What the hell? Like I want to *pay* for the privilege of sending someone my work when 95% of the time it's going to be used commercially if accepted. They ought to be paying *us* to send *them* work to select from. Rat bastards.

New stuff up at my Loth gallery. Probably not new to any of you, but I still love comments. Critiques are even better. :)

Still working on this little project. Still need pretty graphics for it. Think I've figured out categories for EMG, just need to sit down and re-upload a bunch of stuff and start futzing. Lusting for digital camera and tablet and more EMG time. Maybe tonight. The EMG time, not the camera or the tablet.

We're going to pay off one of the more onerous of the student loans this month, hoorah!

Hungry... must go hunt up some lunch.
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