Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Holy moly!

I have arted this weekend. Prepped for Dragon*Con, too, but oh, my brain is so happy with the sheer amount of art I've done this weekend.

I finished the mermaid piece, worked on the Green Fairy piece, and... well, I looked at the Roses piece in it's pretty new mat for the show, and thought: this sucks.

(As an aside, Jake asked me how my show looked when I got home, and I said something waffly like 'it's okay.' 'That doesn't sound good,' he said with concern, and I hastened to explain, 'oh, the show looks fine, it's just that my artwork all sucks and is lame.' He raised an eyebrow at me and I very cheerfully add, 'It's okay, I'll like it later, this is just something that we artists go through.' He filed this under 'girls are weird, artists are weirder' and accepted it.)

But Roses... it wasn't just a matter of thinking my work sucked. There was something wrong with it... something that's been bugging me since I pronounced it finished in a rose-hating desperation. I stared at it for about 30 minutes, putting myself in someone else's shoes, and then tackled it with a healthy lump of payne's gray watercolor paint, a ruler and two episodes of Star Trek.

And... it's well on its way to being fixed. I got the drama back into it. I wrenched it back from the pits of blah and lazy and it appeals to me almost as much as the black and white version did again. I'm not sure it's entirely finished yet, but it's so much improved, I'm actually embarrassed I showed it off as finished previously.

Too lazy to scan anything tonight, so I'll just leave you with that.

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