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Business as usual

Drum roll, please! I have just finished pressing the very last of the handbags and purses and t-shirts. DONE DONE DONE! Some of them get shipped off in orders, some of them are going in these last two stuffed boxes for Dragon*Con. I think I've shipped my poor hosts about 20 boxes by this point. I don't think they realized what they were in for when they said 'ship as much as you'd like.' One way or another, most of it won't come back with me. Remainders may be tossed, shipped to artists, given to charity or packed up in ready-to-mail lots that I will auction off once I get back.

I could pull totes off the webpage, now, too - I have a buyer for all of that blank stock. *Considers* Totes always gave me the least heartburn of any of the products. *leaves them up for now.*

I'm still slogging through big print orders that must go out today, and I've got some tea to do. hailerro, I'll shoot you that invoice link today, as I'm ready to ship that off for you, too!

Between the fair, decent Portrait Adoptions, some unexpectedly huge print orders, and the whole clearance thing, August has turned into an incredible month, saleswise. Sanitywise? Clinging to narrow things with fingernails.

Art and authoring

Nothing to report, today.

Home and Health

As may be assumed, I'm telecommuting to work today. My boss was supposed to be gone all day (but apparently isn't), and I'm all caught up on reports, so my only job is to answer phones. I love call forwarding - I get so much DONE on these days. I don't get paid as much, but that's not my primary goal right now.

My house is still pretty. I was right about them not having the last box of siding, though. All of the trim is complete, there's just a triangle on the back side of the house that isn't finished with the red siding. It will get put up when the vinyl comes in. I'm not worried.

My bedroom sneezing seems to have subsided, leaving me wondering if it was something seasonal, as I had not run the roomba.

The canopy is going gold, autumn is sneaking up on me faster than I'd like!


I got a good start on the business cards/banner design, and I'm aiming to finish that today, along with the above mentioned orders and shipping. For now, LUNCH (I am starving!), an episode of Avatar, and a load of dishes.


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