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Business as Usual

I think it's probably clear from Our Story So Far that the fair went great. I dug Jennie out of hiding, and more friends rallied forth to help out than I ever expected. We're going to have a nice tear-down party on Thursday (or before, if the weather is nice) to pack up the tents and put the last of the stuff away and I'm treating everyone to Lemongrass. Business expense! I totally need as many of them as possible because things are selling like hotcakes and I'm not restocking anything and Uncle Sam is going to gut me next April.

My customers are all wonderful people and expressed much dismay that this was my last year, but were also very understanding about my reasons and wished me lots of luck and success and were generally really fantastic. There are definitely parts of the fair I will miss.

There are parts that I will not, too, of course. It rained on Saturday. And rained and RAINED and rained and rained and rained. But Friday was nice enough to make up for it, and in the end, much of my stock is gone and it was the best selling year I've ever had.

Art and Authoring

Oh, the story ideas! They bubble inside of me at the most inopportune times. Like now, when I have to get ready for Dragon*Con and hang a gallery show in the next two weeks and work is wailing that they don't know how anything got done while I was gone and I'm never allowed to leave again...

I took yesterday completely off. I watched four episodes of Avatar. And worked on this:

Home and Health

My dedicated care to wash my hands a lot, drink plenty of drinks (and lots of healthy stuff like Emergen-C and Honey Lemon Ginger Echinacea* juice) paid off and I do not have my post-fair cold. I told my immune system in no uncertain terms that I was not permitted to get sick. For once, it listened. *knocks on every piece of wood in reach*

Remember the mad panic over siding being started last week? Pff. Turns out a few boxes of our siding were backordered and won't be in until THIS Thursday. So, they can't start until NEXT Wednesday! Which was when they were starting anyway!!


Oh, the plans I am planning. Mostly related to Dragon*Con. I've finalized my booth layout and need to order the parts before Friday and make a call to a company in the lower 48 tomorrow when such places are open. I am working on a new banner and business card layout that will kick some serious ass. I have some boxes to throw together for D*C and sent parcel post. There is, I figure, a 75% chance they will get there. If they don't, it's no huge loss. If they do, it would be nice to get rid of the things in them.

In the very short term, however, the last episode of Avatar on this disc, some dessert, and then bed.

*Spellcheck recommends 'Chinaware' for this word. Also, 'Machinate' and 'Echinoderm'. O-kay.

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