Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as Usual

The truck is packed up with the first load and sitting outside of work ready to go. I made buttons and keychains last night, using up the extra-printed bits I had, and finished packaging miniprints. T-shirts and regular prints still to go.

I've got a few javascript fixes to do at PA, posthaste, hopefully those will be up later today. Nothing earthshaking, just a bug fix or two and a streamline of the account information.

Art and Authoring

Instead of content, a question: What's in your essential art kit? What tools of the trade could you not survive without?

Home and Health

Went to bed with a pounding headache yesterday, woke up all refreshed and ready to go. Stepped outside of the bedroom and it slammed right back into me.

I think that the smoke is worse today than it has EVER been. The truck (and everything I had packed into it) was coated with a filmy light coat of ash. Coughing fits. Stinging eyes. Labored breathing. BLECH. The fires themselves are not that bad, I understand, but... they're like campfires... when they're not blazing, they're smoking. And we're breathing them: http://newsminer.com/news/2009/aug/05/fire-grows-murphy-dome/

The air quality is officially 'Unhealthy.'

Last night, the sky was black and orange - it's very, very creepy. My birch trees turn orange. Very apocalyptic.




Tonight, I've got two folks lined up to help set up tents after work, and a third possible. It should go quickly, then we'll go out to dinner at Lemongrass. After that, I've got t-shirts to pack up, and prints. Then, an early night, and a late morning tomorrow, with no more work until after the fair. Which means I'd better get these reports done post-haste...

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