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Got a tremendous amount of prep work done for the fair yesterday, while watching seven or so episodes of Leverage. Very fun show. I love that it's streaming on Netflix.

I still need to go through t-shirts, prints, do some matting and think about how to display tea. In general, the display is giving me head-scratchings - I have a 20 x 20 space to unexpectedly fill by myself, and I'm not entirely sure HOW to do that best. Because it is fair week, rain is inevitable, and with four independent tents, I have to work around drippy seams. Hmm. HMM. I may also need to track down an extra table or two. I have a few leads.

I am trying very hard to maintain an optimistic and happy attitude about the fair in general. This is my last year, and this fair has been wonderful for me. I want to have good memories of it, not stress myself into misery and dwell on all the disappointments and bad bits. It's mostly working, even!

Art and Authoring

Someday, I will have my own time for this again...

Home and Health

Waking up feeling like you've fallen asleep in an ashtray is unpleasant. The last few nights, thanks to the air conditioner, have been much more pleasant. The only unfortunate thing about it is that it kicks on and off, and when it does so, jerks me from sound sleep without being sure why I've woken, so I'm lying there, heart pounding, wondering if someone has just broken in, or if the cat has knocked something over. I don't sleep well when Jake is out of town anyway. My eating habits go to hell, and I stay up until all hours because it's so difficult to sleep alone. I'm trying to be good... but it's hard.


Orders tonight. And plenty of printing. From now until Friday, I don't anticipate the printer will have a lot of downtime. I have to stop by the store, and I might buy a pre-made baked chicken, since Jake won't be around to cook for me and I have difficulty identifying components of meals. (I have a tendency to open the fridge door and think we have no food. He looks in the same fridge and manages to concoct something gourmet out of some limp vegetables, leftovers and eggs. It's a gift.)

Work now!

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