Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Zombie bugs!!

Oh GOD, we've been invaded! They are these horrible, horrible beetle things that are striped like bees and have that horrible loud beetle buzz when they're flying around and there've been three of them in the house and I had to kill the last one myself because Jake is gone and I thought it was dead, but came back and it was upright again and an inch away from where I left it and OH GOD IT WAS STILL ALIVE and I had to kill it AGAIN until it squished and I had to make myself pick it up with a papertowel and seal it into the trash and now every little flutter makes me flinch and I keep feeling THINGS at my toes and they won't die and they'll eat my face while I'm sleeping!!!!



That probably TOTALLY killed my tough, Alaskan, can-do, girl-power image.

But... zombie beetle things! That won't die! Eeeeeeee!

I don't seem to have an icon that suits this post, so I'm using this one because I'm going to start carrying that wrench around with me to squish zombie bugs.
Tags: alaska, home, squealing like a girl

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