Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I'm sure.

I told Jake today before I took him to the airport: this is going to be a helluva week.

I am done with the EMG submission queue. And I mean, done.

I went ahead and took t-shirts offline. All of em.

I marked down tea, because tea is one thing I have a cubic ton left of.

Ursula's calendars will be in on Tuesday, shockingly.

I made 57 stickers, 65 magnets and 95 bookmarks out of my scrap box. (I overprint orders, and throw the extra raw printed bits into a scrap box for processing before fairs and such.)

I'm tackling cards next, and I have to go to the connex box and poke around for envelopes... because there's a chance I may be sold out of those, too.

This does, at least, neatly solve that problem I was having with item pages where I thought they looked too busy...

And, oh, it's something of a relief NOT to have to think about the fixes I was going to tackle. There was so much I wanted to improve and clean up and fiddle with, on both the public pages and private. Not an issue, now!
Tags: business, emg

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