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Got some orders out (have definitely noticed the down-turn in economy in the business, only two orders since that Sept 11 mess, and that's NOT usual), cleaned my desk, made an appointment for my cat (new one, Maggy, more on her later), was very good and didn't waste time on my story today, did 4 loads of dishes, cleaned the counters, took out some trash (need to take out more), wrote some emails. And paid bills, which took an hour. Ugh. Tight this month, had to take money out of savings to cover them, which means less saved for the house, which really pisses me off. Next month will be better: I got a raise at work and will be working 40 hours instead of 32.

Note, very frustrated with irresponsible people. Probably will rant on that later...

Creative juices strong today, but I'm being disciplined and getting my stuff done instead of drawing and writing (except this obvious descent into frivolity :P). I have a story to illustrate for 'Space and Time,' which I'll do tonight. I have a sketch, but it may be too ambitious for ink. We'll see.

Had to work all weekend, which was a good deal for me because I got today off to do the above list. Much of which is 'should have been done weeks ago' stuff.

I miss being in college. I miss being able to say, nah... I don't need to go to class today and sleep in. I miss being able to stay up late and getting summers off and be delinquent and thinking that finals were the end-all of the world. I miss having classes to doodle in, and I miss not having these responsibilities. Sometimes I think I let my professors down. I was recommended by several of them to go to grad school for engineering, and several of them told me I should go far in the field, and where am I now? Well, not doing engineering. Maybe if I'd thought I could do something exciting in Alaska with it, but I have no desire to design the h-vac systems for the same old buildings, and route cooling vents and duct work. If I could design powerplants, or new planes, sure! But not the boring jobs available here. I found one of my projects the other day, cleaning out my files and decided I missed being anyalitical to some extent. I was good at it, even made president of Tau Beta Pi. The work I do now is very different, very artsy stuff in the architectural department. I miss the challenge of a really sticky dynamics problem. I was soooo burnt out my last year in school, but looking back, the overall experience was solid gold. I really miss the machine shop.

That's my ramble, more to do!!!

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