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Will someone PLEASE stop the clock already??

Ellen Million Graphics

Still printing that big print order. My printer rollers need replaced, so it's hand-feeding that's taking so bloody long.

It consumes my life.

In the not-consumed part yesterday, I bought a fair tent. Fortunately, I went and saw my good friend Kev before I bought the tent, and he had one he could lend me for the fair. So, I needed one tent, not two. That's a nice savings! He's also likely to buy off any remaining blank t-shirt stock I have at the End of Times after Christmas. Awesome.

Art and Authoring


Home and Health

The smoke has rolled back in, dammit. Miserable, miserable smoke. We were going to go camping tonight, but there's a chance we will hunker down with our new air conditioner instead.

Which I spent HOURS on the phone this morning getting. They posted it to the wrong address, and I had to call here and there and wait on hold and they were all very helpful but tiiiime-consuming. Then I RAN to my sister's to help her set up Internet, and while I could help her install the ethernet card, the cable connection itself was fu-barred, so tech support has to come out. Then I RAN to work, where I am now.


I'm going to mail the partial order of prints tonight (all the little ones, all 140 little ones) and the big ones on Monday. Or maybe Saturday, if we do end up staying here. Work now. Camping? Oh snap, I need dogfood.

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