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Inbox at 70.

Torn World update: Meet Denel. Those of you who have been reading my work for a long time may recognize her from the short story 'Commonplace,' which has been removed from everywhere online pending edits and resubmission during the public launch of Torn World.

Orders to get out. Lots and lots of orders, including a massive print service order. And it's that time to start getting missing stock together for the fair. And it might be time to drop the price on babydoll shirts, as they aren't moving like I expected them to, so I have a lot left.

I got an email over the weekend that started 'I am not a happy customer...' but went on to explain that they were unhappy I was closing. It was a nice pick-me-up!

Art and authoring

I did the last (I think) sketch that I owed from way back when, and am waiting for client approval before I post it publicly.

I also fiddled uselessly on several pieces, but have nothing really to show.

I would like some writing time, but TIME in general is really hard to hold onto.

Home and health

We're going camping this weekend, and I'm looking forward to that. I will have no Internet with me. It will be lovely. Jake is going to be gone most of next week in Anchorage, which is actually good timing, because the week before the fair is always stress-inducing and up-late and taking-over-the-living-room-with-lots-of-stuff - this year even more than most, even, because I have twice the space to fill and I am determined to SELL IT ALL. My friends have really stepped up, and I've gotten a lot of offers of help, which I am going to take shameless advantage of.


Eat lunch. Finish this stack of reports on my dayjob desk. (three down, five to go!) Work on web stuff for ye olde dayjob. Work on other web stuff. Tonight, working out with Jake, then the big print order.

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