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Big stack of orders to ship today, more in progress on my desk.

I want to change the format of my column at EMG-Zine. Right now, it's just an info-dump, hastily written the day before the 'zine goes up. Snore! I'm going to make it include all the thumbnails of recent work, both at the giftshop and at PA, and I was thinking about answering a question each month, too. Something about how to manage a business, or print, or make a product, or ship something. I'd need questions, though. Anyone got good questions for me? Please?

I also need to come up with some more themes. Ideas for those?

My inbox is a disaster, and I really need to write emails.

Ursula's calendar is successfully uploaded, proofed and ready to print. I should have it by the 4th, which is just before the fair!

Holy carp! The fair is coming FAST!

Art and Authoring

I have a post brewing up in my head about belief, but am at work, so it must wait.

Have some sketching progress:

Home and Health

I adore my car. It's the nicest thing I've ever owned, and I'm so grateful that I could get it.

I'm grateful for a lot right now.


Orders tonight while the boys gather wood, and finishing Rachel's calendar, which is about 50% together. Maybe a silly movie with Jake.

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