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I had an interesting, seriously nostalgic moment filling orders on Saturday, putting together a pack of 'Dragon' stationery. As it began, so it ends. Good progress on orders.

Some bugs have popped back up at PA that will need some attention. *frown*

Have uploaded Ursula's calendar five times now, and am ready to make some adjustments and try number 6. *muttermuttermutter*

Torn World post today will be a look at the origin of the time shattering.

Art and Authoring

I worked further on the Green Fairy piece, more fiddly foreground details, and I added another figure in the background. Haven't scanned yet.

Have some phone pictures from our trip to Cordova!

This is Child's glacier. It was rainy and chilly, but we still got to see some car-sized pieces calve off!

This is the million dollar bridge. It is VERY SCARY to drive across.

Home and Health

I hand over a whole lot of money this afternoon to get the siding for our house ordered! We scrutinized everything this weekend, made some choices, waffled over the HUGE pricetag, and finally decided to go for it. Between this and the car, it's been a pricey summer. The car, so far, has been worth every PENNY. The seat alone is so superior and wonderful that I get where I'm going feeling like I've just had a massage or a hot tub or something. My back deserves a nice car.

We watched Kung Fu Panda last night and enjoyed it enormously. It wasn't as good as Up, but I cried much less (not at all, to be honest). Very cute and funny. We laughed out loud a great deal!


I have two more reports on my desk to finish today and three to draft. I have to REUPLOAD Ursula's calendar and finish and upload Rachel's this afternoon. I'm at work, but I should get these reports finished and I can do stuff on my own time and answer phones. Tonight is workout night, dinner, an hour on orders, and then some couch time. I'm watching Avatar through Netflix and really enjoying the show. Giant, slobbery, flying, 6-legged bison! What's not to love?

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