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Stack of orders to take to the PO today, and I'm thiiiiis close to being done with the first calendar, with good strides on the second. Then, it's on to the anthology!

Torn World post today will be on... hmm... more on the snow unicorn riders, I think - education and literacy, particularly.

Art and Authoring

Still no scanning, and I spent last night (after calendar-grinding) beating Jake at scrabble. I used all my letters on my second word! I'm not sure I've ever been able to play all my tiles. "Election" was the big score - but for all of that, I only barely beat him, by about 15 points. I did most handily stomp him at Lost Cities.

So, instead of something completely new, I'll link you to an ElfQuest fanfiction of mine that you may not have seen: Perfect.

Home and Health

Oh GOD, the smoke is back. It's frightfully thick, and muggy and WAY TOO HOT, but mostly horribly, horribly smokey. The radio said we're nearly to the 1 million acres mark. There should be thunderstorms this evening and tomorrow looks rainy. THANK GOD. My cough, which had been completely and utterly gone, is back, and my eyes are watering. Bad day to wear contacts.


Work until 4. Trip to the post office. Upload calendar. Work on second calendar. Maybe Kung Fu Panda? (We've got the disc from Netflix. :))

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