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Sold out of mousepads, as mentioned earlier.

Posted the DragonCon pickup special: http://community.livejournal.com/dragoncon/1987419.html

Muuuust finish calendars and anthology.

Torn World post for today will be more on the Northerners.

Art and Authoring

Ideas like woah, but no art time. Went and saw Up, instead, and that was time well spent.

Home and Health

Consulted the installer about getting siding installed. Unfortunately, we missed the 'not busy' window of opportunity, and are into 'we can get you in September.' So, we have a tentative appointment the 2nd week of September. Jeezus freaking expensive, but it will be worth it.

Chest still hurts, but not as bad as yesterday. (There were periods yesterday morning when I nearly started searching for symptoms of heart attack, because OW.) I think it is an evil combination of smoke (thick, thick right now) and the lingering Cough That Will Not Die. My sleep deficit is even worse than it was yesterday - Jake came in at 1 AM and I hadn't gotten to sleep by then, and I woke at 5 or 6 and had only horrible not-quite-sleep, alternating too hot and too cold, until the alarm went off. I swear the best sleep I had all night was between the snoozes for the last 20 minutes. And I may be getting a migraine. Other than that, feeling great.

I dislike this smoke. We are talking about getting an air conditioner.


Siding installer will be coming by the house to take some pictures and make sure my dimensions aren't off in space.

We're going to try to work out after dayjob slaving today, but we're both pretty beat, so that may or may not happen.

Then I have orders to label, seven more orders in to fill since yesterday (*dies*) and calendars and anthologies to work on. Slow down, life!

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