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I worked on filling orders until midnight last night. We're officially sold out of all L unisex shirts. Orders are mostly finished (I missed a bookmark!) and boxed, but still need labels and a trip to the post office. The first Dragon*Con box is packed up, the second is nearly there.

Torn World post today will be on the Northern people. It will be contributors only! The only requirement for being a contributor is that you agree to the terms and log in to the site once a year. If you'd like to read quietly along, that's fine, just visit the site and register, and I'll add you to the filter! http://tornworld.net/contributorsrules.php

If you are a contributor and not on the filter, let me know! I am not clever at matching real names with usernames.

Art and Authoring

I got nothing.

Home and Health

Seriously dragging today. Went to bed late, and could not get back to sleep after this morning's godawful nightmare. Five hours of sleep does not make for happy healthy me. My chest hurts horribly, for all that my coughing is still minor.


This afternoon, I will be calling to talk about scheduling my house siding!!!! I will take copious photographs.

I'll also be going to see UP with a bunch of my gaming geek friends. I still need to wire in the new phone, but that may wait. I hate phones.

On that note, whhyyyyyy do people always ask me to call them? I like you just fine, but I don't want to call you. I hate 'chatting.' I detest small talk on the phone. Hell, I detest REAL talk on the phone. I have better things to do with my time, I think about other stuff, my hands get bored, I stop paying attention, lose track of the conversation and then look like a jerk. Spare us both that, and don't ask me to talk on the phone with you. This is a character flaw I've become comfortable with, I'll just apologize in advance.

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