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Dailies for July 3.

Happy Friday!

Ellen Million Graphics

Closure continues. I've been doing inventory and boggling at how much **stuff** I've managed to accumulate over the last 16 years. I've just discounted all stationery - large packages are down to $5 from $7 and small are down to $3.50 from $5.00. I have also marked down the 4X shirts, because I have entirely too many. $5 off on the black, $4 off on the white! I am out of X, XL and 2XL navy shirts - they will be removed from the site shortly.

The Torn World post for the day is on the topic of 'time crystals.' I fixed a bug at the site that was putting the non-canon work on the timeline. Woops! A new non-canon piece has been posted to the fiction site. (Non-canon work is available only to registered readers.) I do need to add a disclaimer to the non-canon fiction and poetry like the art already has!

Also, some of you have registered but not applied as contributors. This is fine - you still get lots of extras at the site, but if you were intending to join as a contributor, you must read and agree to all the fiddly little legal details and click the button at the bottom of this page.

Art and Authoring

I scribbled down some ideas for a science fiction story that has nothing to do with anything else. Possibly caused by reading early Isaac Asimov stories before bed.

No other art or writing to report, because...

House and Health

I bought a car!!!

I have to find the software to sync my phone, because I took some old/new pictures of the car I traded in.

It is so gorgeous and shiny. I went with a dark silver Outback. I would say brand new, but it had nearly 1000 miles on it - it had been used by Ice Alaska to ferry disabled people around the park, which meant it was an incredible deal. I LOVE the clearance, and the amazingly comfortable seat (heated!) and the incredible leg room and the shiny new look of it, and the deal that we got was great, and I feel SO decadent. It plays CDs! MP3 CDs, even!

I go outside and hug it every so often.

This summer is behaving like the ones I remember as a child - 80 degrees and irrepressibly sunny, with afternoon thundershowers so isolated it might pour in the front yard and be sunny in the back. We went for a walk with the dog in our woods, but were driven back by mosquitoes through the marshy bits.


I have the anthology to work on, and calendars, and orders. I have what's left of today to do that, and Sunday. Saturday, Jake and I are taking a Day Off and doing whatever. Oh, and artistpay. O.o

I do not think there will be weekend Torn World posts - I think that will be a weekday-daily thing.

Cranking up the tunes and jamming cheerfully!
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