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Lots and lots of news

I'm taking a page from lots of people and starting to organize my posts and make them daily. It's mostly for me, being as I have a to-do list that is scrolling off my screen, and if I can't stay focused, there will be crying and floggings.

Ellen Million Graphics Update

There is a new issue of EMG-Zine up! In it, you will find lots of Alice in Wonderland themed goodness, and the following news:

The Fantasy Art Shop is closing! Every item is currently as supplies last only, and some items are already marked down - stickers are $1 off! Mousepads and magnets are in very, very short supply. Black-handled totes will go fast. T-shirt sizes will run out! It's a big move for me, but it's the right move.

I'm caught up to Saturday on current orders (everything ordered prior to Saturday is out).

Torn World is alive!!! It will get its own post in a few moments. It deserves it.

Art and Authoring

Basically, this will be what I'm writing on, what I'm drawing. I'll post some WIP here, or an excerpt from something I'm writing on, or just blather about my own creative projects.

Currently, Torn World worldbuilding stuff is my primary focus, but I did just sub a story to River Twine for the unwrapping story of Honey. She's such a fun, self-centered character. I started the story some 6 months ago, but haven't had a lot of time to work on it.

Haven't had art time in ages. Does it show?

House and Health

(I'm mostly grouping these together because they start with the same letter.)

We weren't able to get the last window in last weekend because it was pouring down rain (which is a bad time to open up a giant hole in the house!), and also that was the day my car broke down, so no siding yet.

My cold lingers, but the phlegm count is down. I get coughing jags, and tire easily, but am generally feeling better than I was.


I have convinced Jake that we should stay home over the long weekend instead of haring off to go camping, because I have a LOT of business to get done and I'd like to get that window installed.

I have calendars to do for EMG, the anthology, and orders to fill. I want to have pre-orders for calendars by Monday. The first box for Dragon*Con is ready to go out! If I send things now, I can use media mail, see.

And tomorrow, we're going to go look at buying me a new car... Eeeeee!
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