Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Community ponderings

What a be-oo-tiful morning. :)

I'm just the right amount of rested, I treated myself to a caramel coffee drink this morning at Starbucks, I had a shower at Jake's work hot enough to pink me, and I get to do arty stuff at work. Plus, I have the best friends ever. And Lisa left a roll of Sweetarts next to me to eat. Mmmm.... Sweetarts...

It occurs to me that I rather lucked out getting the Oct 2001 cover of Amythest Circle, seeing as that's still the current issue, more than a year and a half later. :P

At the same time, it disappoints me, seeing so many great things crash and burn, just never quite get off the ground, or go on hiatus and stay that way for long periods of time. These are such *good* services or ideas or communities.

Here's a question to ponder: what makes a community strong enough to survive? Elfwood, it has size on its side. Is size enough? What other communities are there out there that have weathered a few years or more?

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